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Custom Software Modules

On this page we will talk about an inventory package we designed for a client, but the overarching point is that having custom designed modules built for your site's control panel provides you with greater flexibility and can - in the long run - save your business money.

There are many inventory packages out there, and for most small businesses, an existing inventory package is sufficient. But the problem with an inventory package is just that: it's an inventory package.

One of our clients tried several different inventory software packages (and for each one was paying a monthly license fee for as long as they used the package!). But each package was designed to be generic enough to be used by many businesses, under many different circumstances. They simply did not allow the client to customize their inventory display in the ways they wanted to, in order to showcase their inventory adequately.

The solution? We met with them to discuss the details of what features they needed, and custom designed inventory software to perfectly match what they needed.  Since they do not need to pay a monthly fee for using the software, their module will pay for itself in just over four and a half years.

Since our custom software modules are designed to operate from the same interface as your website administrative control panel, they had the following advantages:

  • Use just one control panel for all website maintenance.
  • Use an interface you are already familiar with.
  • Since all custom modules are built on the framework (the control panel), the framework already exists, and you are not paying to have the module built from scratch.
  • Get software that is tailor made to your needs, not one-size-fits-all solutions.
  • There are no monthly fees to pay for ongoing use of your module. Custom software modules, while they may be expensive, can quickly pay for themselves if they are replacing packages which require monthly fees.