vir·tu': excellence or merit in objects of art

Welcome to VirtuWeb

An all-in-one development, design, and hosting service for people who want to join a small, friendly family of websites. 

The Virtu Advantage

  1. Our own easy-to-manage Content Management System that lets you control the look and feel of your site.
  2. Rapid and inexpensive development of new modules custom designed for your needs.
  3. Automatic upgrades of the Virtu management system.
  4. The "good neighborhood" advantage.  Unlike your typical "shared hosting," we know exactly what is on our servers, and we carefully protect the clients we host.
  5. Perfect for organizations that don't have their own in-house web designer.
  6. Creative graphic design instead of been-there-done-that templates.

The Virtu Workflow

In consultation with you, we design a graphical interface for your site which is unique to your site, and is mobile friendly.

We will not ever reuse a design, nor will we ever use a template, so you know that no one else's site will look like yours.  
Some clients have unique needs that go beyond the standard administrative interface.  New custom coding is built by our design staff and incorporated directly into the administrative back-end for your site.  Because the framework is already in place, custom design of new modules is very inexpensive compared to the prices you would pay to have them built from scratch by most web developers.

In addition, you will not pay yearly licensing fees to use the module; it is part of your system for as long as you have your site at virtuweb.
By email, or by skype, we provide training and explanation in how to use the Virtu administrative back-end.  Within days you and your staff will be creating your own content for your site!
We offer additional consulting and proofreading services for reasonable rates.  We partner with Portland Proof to provide excellent proofreading of your new content.
The virtu commitment
This is our goal and promise: We will not let functionality replace artistic value.  Every website should be functional and attractive. We never resort to borrowing overused site templates. Each site we build is unique and creative. That's the meaning of virtu.

virtu: excellence or merit in objects of art.